Contest of Champions (3-way battle)

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Contest of Champions (3-way battle)

Postby knitemare » Thu Feb 21, 2008 9:08 am

Drunken Mick

Dwarves (I dont recall what variety) with Dain
White Hand of Isengard
Rohan (fully mounted)

Contest of Champions

Rules Note:
Priority in 3 way battles as we have played it so far is a top down affair. Everyone rolls priority each turn and the highest goes first, then second highest, then lowest.

The Setup:
10 pieces of terrain including a river (difficult terrain), a swamp (impassible), 2 forests (difficult), and 6 hills
Dwarves and Isengard setup in opposite corners along the same table edge, Rohan setup in the center of the opposite table edge.

The Game:
The Dwarves were held back by being so far away and having slow movement.
Isengard Moved out in four units, one unit of shield (8) and pike (7) warriors heading toward the Dwarves, one unit of shield (7) and pike (8) warriors with captain (champion) and banner heading toward Rohan, one unit of bow scouts (4) heading toward Rohan and one unit of crossbow warriors (6) heading toward Rohan.
Rohan moved around the swap. One unit containing bows (4), spear throwers (4), and warriors (2) was sent to intercept Isengard toward Dwarves. One unit containing spears, bows, Eomer (champion), and captain was sent to face Isengard Captain.

Rohan and Isengard had it out for about 4 turns, tearing each other to shreds. Eomer died after having 4 kills (I believe). The fight continued with my captian spending some time on the ground and not getting a lot of kills. Rohan/Isengard fight finished up as Dwarves arrived, Isengard Captain had 5 kills.

Isengard threw some warriors at the Dwarves (dumb move on my part). Dain, through a series of Heroic combats and good choices ended fights with 5 kills.

Isengard, broken, moved captain, one bowman, and one pike in to engage Dain. Captain loses contest and Dain gets sixth kill winning the game.

All in all, very fun game with lots of sixes rolled for Rohan throwing spears which tore my lines apart. Isengards supperior Fight value and high Strength won them many fights and a lot of kills. Dwarves should never have to setup that far from the battle.

After the game I had to go to work to help with a problem that kept me in the office until 3:30am. I lost some of the details of the night due to the late hours and being sick.

Maybe CSK and DM can add in some details here.
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Postby Drunken Mick » Thu Feb 21, 2008 12:39 pm

Pretty much covered here. Couple things to add though from the outsider watching the Rohan/Isengard fights (while I was running furiously to get into the mix :P). I'm sure KM will agree with some of this in hindsight.

As KM stated he split his forces into 3 "parts" 2 pike contingents and a missile contingent of 6 x-bows and 4 scouts. He advanced toward the incoming Rohan riders lead by Eomer and a captain, probably 14-16 riders in total. As Rohan approached his lines were about 6 wide maybe 7. This caused a problem as he had no terrain to bottleneck the riders. He was engaged and quickly surrounded. The fights weren't going Isengards way and it seemed everytime there was a tie it was against a Royal Guard and the roll offs were going Rohans way. Many riders died but even more Isengard fell not just from the charging cavalry but from some seriously nasty throwing spears. A couple of tactical misfires caused a 2nd even bloodier round for Isengard that saw another 4-5 warriors fall. As an all out shooting round against Eomer took out his horse, shortly after he was surrounded and slain. Not before he had killed 4 or so. On the other front Rohan began to take some casualties from the charging dwarven rangers, whilst also feeling the pain of the 2nd Isengard unit. On this front Isengard was faring better, but it was still bloody. In the end the remaining Isengard fled or were slain by Dain and the dwarves. Rohan finally was defeated with what KM said was left of Isengard. Having not had to really fight anyone there was nary a dwarf dead and in the spirit of competition I sent Dain alone to face off against his Captain and pikeman. Dain was victorious and slew the already wounded, might and fate expended Uruk. Not exactly a glorious victory on my part but a V is a V.
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Postby chicagoSWANknights » Fri Feb 22, 2008 9:51 pm

it was only 3 dead from eomer.
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