Moria Goblins vs Durin and Khazad

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Moria Goblins vs Durin and Khazad

Postby knitemare » Mon Nov 05, 2007 8:42 am

To Kill a King

500 points of Moria Goblins vs Durin and Khazad Guard

I didn't write down the entire list of the Khazad, I really wish I had. I am also terrible with names and I've forgotten my opponants name. He doesn't post here as he doesn't have a computer or use the internet. I feel bad about all of those things.

We rolled for both the scenario and the amount of terrain. We ended up with 6 pieces that actually did very little to hinder the game at all.


The first four turns were uneventful as he was playing dwarves and I was playing goblins. The scenario had us setup within 18" of the corners of the table. There could be no terrain within 6" of the center. That 6" is pretty much where everything happened. Limited mobility on both our parts had us rushing toward the center those first 4 turns.

Turn 5, my cave troll was on the front line, off to my left. He couldn't make it to them so he stopped to pick up a rock and threw it but didn't hit. That same turn two of the dwarves moved into throwing axe range. Both hit and both wounded. The troll was in sad shape. This same turn I fired with 10 goblin archers on one target. I scored 3 hits but only one wound. With the dwarves high defense I was happy to get that. That was one dwarf down.

Turn 6, we both moved into melee. I kept all of my warriors spear supported and used my line to be sure he couldn't surround me. He had no spears so he was kind of stuck with a straight line of dwarves. The combat was a 50/50 split, but he scored more wounds than I did taking many of my front line warriors out. I got two of his. This same turn my bowmen fired over the line, two hits and two wounds on the banner holder. That took him out of the combat. The cave troll was surrounded and took many wounds, killing him.

Turn 7, things got ugly. He got priority, I used a heroic move with Durburz side of the field in order to be sure that he would not get surrounded. My archers moved into combat to hold the line and be sure I didn't get surrounded. During his move 5 of the dwarves moved through the ruins on the right. I knew they would be surrounding me the following turn. I attempted to transfix Durin, but failed. The combat went really poorly for me. I took out two of his dwarves, but he killed many of my goblins including the shaman.

Turn 8, my remaining bowmen fired on the dwarves that had come through the ruins. No hits. The dwarves had moved to surrouned Durburz, two of them threw axes. They hit and wounded. I used fate to stop the wounds. Durin had also moved in to close the gap, surrounding Durburz completely. I lost the combat, I was trapped, and I was wounded too many times. Durburz fell.

Had Durburz not died this turn I would have had to start making courage checks. I did have the drums and they covered the field. I would have also had Durburz, so I doubt my force would have run away.

In the end my dead were here:


His dead were here:


and the battlefield looked like this:


Many goblins died to bring you this information, use it wisely.

Things I learned:
Dwarves are super huge tough, goblins are not.
Cave trolls are not tough when surrounded, I need to be a lot more careful of that.
I need to have a MUCH more firm grasp of what all the other armies can do. Not knowing enough about Durin reallly put me at a disadvantage. Not knowing everything about the dwarf units and what they have going for them really hindered my ability.

I held the line to the very last, only getting surrounded on a flank because I had lost too many warriors. Had my die rolls be better, I could have defended that side. I should have moved Durburz closer to the center. Durin is a wildly tough king when compared to Durburz and I should have planned accordingly.
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