To the Death! Goblins and Wood Elves

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To the Death! Goblins and Wood Elves

Postby knitemare » Fri Nov 02, 2007 8:16 pm

This was the match between toadhall and I. His wood elves vs. my moria goblins.


It started simply enough, Durburz was leading his band of Goblins to a new home in the mountains south of Isengard. While traveling with his few remaining friends and followers, as well as a troll he had hired to haul their belongings, he noticed some of the Wood elves across the field.

He waved, "Hello, and well met!" It was then that he noticed a shape amongst them that he recognized. The Elven Defiler, the one called Legolas. He turned, then, to his followers and told them to be quick, to flee, for death had come for them.

Durburz heard the Elf snarl, "To me! Fire!" and arrows rained down upon them. Durburz noticed that only the goblins with bows were being targeted. "You there," he called, "get cover behind that hill and defend yourselves." He was well trained in battle, he knew they would have little chance with their arrows at this range, but the Elves fury was raining down upon them and they had little choice but to attempt to move into melee.

"I will help defend the little ones," called the troll. He had been very helpful indeed. He took a group of goblins and moved them toward the hills that lay between the two groups. "Get to the trees," Durburz called out to a stray group to his left.

Across the field he could see Shartok, his old commander taking six goblins around the side of the hill to his right. There was going to be very little he could do to help his old friend and he hoped dearly for Shartoks fortune in battle.

The arrows never stopped coming, but the Elves never moved. "Stay in formation," he heard Legolas growl. How that evil elf had corrupted those once pleasant wood elves, Durburz would never know. What he did know, now, was that his only chance for survival would be to charge into the line of the archers and warriors, facing them head on.

The goblins around the troll ran left and right, trying to avoid the hail of arrows that bounced all around them. The troll attempted to protect them, but fear and frenzy gripped them when goblin after goblin fell before them. Durburz yelled to the troll, "get to them, stop their firing!" But it was too late, though the troll had taken more than 40 arrows and kept on going, the end was at hand for him.

The Elven Defiler had taken Durburz baggage carrier in his sights and let loose a trio of arrows. All of them thudded into his thick flesh, but two of them struck him in the head. He fell forward with a horrible crash. The night wind carried the cackling of Legolas over the small hills. Anger filled Durburz, he could stand to be assaulted by this Elf no more.

"Charge!" he commanded and his people did as he instructed. The arrows were flying straight at them now. One took the warrior ahead of him, then to his left, but he kept moving. Durburz joined up with the warriors from the trees to his left and across the field he could see Shartok moving in time with him with a mirror of his current host of goblins. He looked over his shoulder to see the bow armed goblins on the ridges of the small hills taking aim.

As their lines clashed, arrows were let loose from behind him. A wood elf, a warrior, was felled. Their blades, sheild, and spears clanged against one another. His goblin companions fought valiantly, pushing back the elves, but more goblins fell to his left and across the field to his right. Fear gripped them and many attempted to run away.

"Stand Fast!" he screamed, "we can take them and live!" Some, close by, heard his words and stood with him to the last. Many decided to flee, believing the only chance of living now was to run, even though they may not find shelter before morning.

In the end, Durburz and Shartok were overtaken by the elves and Legolas ordered them be taken captive. Durburz knew this wasn't the end. He knew they would be tortured and beaten, but he would escape. He would run, but he would come back to fight again. He would destroy Legolas one day for what he had done to Durburz people. He would pay.
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