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600 point Harad force

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 5:33 pm
by Smeagol
I haven't touched a LOTR figure in a while, much less put paint on one. I have eight Half Trolls and a second Mahûd Beast Master coming in soon and I still have a Mumak and four other Half Trolls waiting for me to finish them. So I am going to work on painting up a Far Harad force that uses just these figures, though to keep the theme I'll swap out the Commander figure for a Far Harad Mahûd commander. Because I don't have the points to upgrade the commander to a Beast Master the Mahûd figure will be in the top howdah slot. I'll need to look into giving him a spear as well to complete the conversion.

Warband 1
1 Mumak with Rappelling Lines & Sigils of Defiance
12 Half Trolls of Far Harad

Points = 596
Warbands = 1
Models = 14
Break Point = 7

Re: 600 point Harad force

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 2:16 am
by Rozinante
Great theme: imagining Half Trolls scampering down howdah ropes. Fun to play...for short game. As you know: one Mumakil wound, a failed Courage Test, and your Trolls are trampled and quickly Broken.

Magnificent model, but a glass hammer in play. Not that anyone brings a Mumakil to win...except over 1000 points, maybe?

Re: 600 point Harad force

PostPosted: Sun Aug 10, 2014 1:01 pm
by Smeagol
True enough. I have seen mumak do well and poorly depending on terrain and scenario. This for e uses the Mumak as an AFV. The half trolls get delivered and the mumak goes off to deal with something else. Alternatively the half trolls give the mumak something it lacks, FV 6.