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Possible tourney list

PostPosted: Sun Dec 16, 2012 7:29 pm
by Lord Baltimore
Hello all! I'm an old time LotR player but I haven't played in some time. In looking to get in on a 600 pt tourney in the next two weeks and was looking for some opinions

1. Is the white council a viable choice for tourney play at this points level? Is the White Council warband from the Free People's book legal or superseded by the Hobbit one? They would be my first choice, if they're viable any list ideas?

2. If that is a poor idea, ill probably go Minas Tirith. My initial list idea was something like this-

Boromir of the white Tower with Banner-225
12x Warriors with Shield-96
Captain w shield-55
12x warriors spear and shield- 108
9 citadel guard w spears-81
590 total.

Also, on a side note, do GW stores allow battlefoam cases?

So any ideas are well appreciated! Thanks in advance everyone!

Re: Possible tourney list

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 12:24 am
by Guardian of Ecthelion
Welcome back to the game.
I really don't think it is a problem to use the free peoples white council list. Having said that I am not sure how competetive it will be for you. Don't get me wrong I love small armies in this game especially when they are themed well.

As far as the second list-- I noticed there are no bows. With the new scenarios I still haven't decided if bowfire is as important as it was in the Legions scenarios.

Keep us posted with some battle reports after the tournament.

I have never been told that I can't bring in a battlefoam bag into a GW. I have several.

Re: Possible tourney list

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 7:49 am
by prion2001
The Minas Tirith is a bit more "competetive" for tournaments as it has some numbers to it. The White Coucil would be fun to play but it would probably not top 5 models and thus, since many games end when broken or reduced to 1/4, that might happen quicker and put you at a competitive disadvantage. Having said that, I've been toying with a White Council list myself. I lose more than I win (keep quite Kyle :shock: ) so I've thought about having a force that would be a cool theme/look and small so that way I lose faster than I do with my dwarves. :lol:

As for which White Council list is the acceptable one to use, I've wondered this myself but haven't had a chance to discuss it. I think I will start a new thread in the rules forum to see what people thing. In the past, the most recent lists or stats were usually used so I don't know with this one. I was dissapointed myself as I had a White Council list with Thranduil and Legolas included but they are not part of the White Council list in the Hobbit rulebook.


Re: Possible tourney list

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2012 8:03 am
by Lord Baltimore
Thanks for the replies guys! I'm hoping to give this list a go sometime over the weekend. I was hesitant to leave out bowfire. I have been debating whether bowfire is still a very effective tactic unless you have a static formation, and in my experience (mostly casual admittedly) I have more luck with the old shield wall. I hope to use the new spear rules to my advantage by supporting the Minas Tirith warriors with the Citadel Guard and getting the boosted FV.

As far as the White Council goes prion, I'll be following that thread closely. I lived the old White Council list and would hope it to still be viable.