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Aragorn Lists

PostPosted: Sun Sep 23, 2012 12:29 pm
by Dragi
With the new warbands, I don't know which version of Aragorn to use? Some friends and I still use LOME and one of my friends has 25 models at 500 and I was thinking a GC list with 21 because of Aragorn and Anduril. So I need advice on which Aragorn to use with warbands and some decent 500 and 600 pt lists with Aragorn and Anduril in LOME?

Re: Aragorn Lists

PostPosted: Tue Dec 11, 2012 3:48 am
by JLeong
I remembered that you posted a while back about lists with Aragorn. I was thinking about "The Black Gate Opens" chapter of RotK. I went back for a look, and I decided to try my hand at some lists representing Aragorn's force on top of his slag-hill:

Aragorn, Elessar w/ armored horse
6 Warriors of Minas Tirith w/ shield (4 of which may be Rangers Or WoMT w/ bow as an alternative)
6 Guard of the Fountain Court

6 WoMT shield (Or Rangers Or WoMT w/ bow)
6 GotFC

3 WoMT shield
4 GotFC
34 models, 5(+1) might points. This list is the weakest of the lot. It takes Aragorn with Anduril, and while it is a lot of fun watching Aragorn run around killing things on 4s, it lacks numbers (most forces outnumbering you by 5) and any real finesse. One way to make this a little more viable is to take 10 of those WoMT w/ shield and make them archers. These could be rangers or WoMT w/ bow. Either way you lose valuable defense in your front rank, but there is a little flexibility at least in what you can do with your battle-line.
This isn't a terrible list, but a crafty Nazgul will target Aragorn, and your 275 point hero stands a chance of being "heroic channel-black-darted" to death quite quickly. The rest of the army suddenly loses its "umph." This is a problem with all the lists I'm proposing here, though. If you play your cards right, you may be able to counter that particular weakness. The lack of numbers here and the lack of ranged power really inhibits this, though.
Aragorn (Fellowship) Horse, Heavy Armor

4/4/4 WoMT shield, GotFC, WoMT bow
Damrod 4/4/4
Captain 4/2/2/4 Womt shield, GotFC, WoMT spear&shield, WoMT bow

This gives you more flexibility by bringing down Aragorn's cost substantially. You lose the armor on the horse and Anduril, but you gain a captain, some dedicated archery, and numbers. This is a full 39 model army.

This is my personal favorite list, and I'll be play-testing this soon. I find that this final list keeps Aragorn (and the lovely Black Gate model) as its star, while introducing some more battle-line flexibility. Plus, some fun theme from the book.

Aragorn (Fellowship) horse, heavy armor

Beregond, 4/4/4 WoMT shield, GotFC, WoMT bow&spear
Damrod, 4/4/4
"Faint-hearted Captain" (Denethor's profile) 4/4/4 bow only

This list includes the Denethor profile, representing a "Faint-hearted Captain." In the book, Tolkien describes the state of mind of Aragorn's captains. They are downcast, and, facing an innumerable Orc horde, they are on the edge of despair. Using Denethor's profile to represent one of these guys struck me as a really fun way to add thematic flavor to this force and get the "creeping panic and edge of despair" feel into it. This list also gives you a full 39 models, FV 4 in combats, D6 on 2/3 of it, 1/3 bodyguard, and the greatest tactical flexibility with the 8 Spear&bow armed Warriors of Minas Tirith.
A full 12 bows (which could be Rangers, I suppose) gives you a decent number of shots against those newly-empowered monsters and a way to keep The Nine on their toes (and more importantly away from Aragorn).

Switching to Rangers of Gondor (instead of WoMT archers) provides extra FV4 and the ability to move and shoot (and still have a chance of hitting something) under the new "The Hobbit" rules.

I hope you found this helpful, and if not--maybe someone else will (or maybe offer some comments?).

EDIT: These are all 600 point lists.

Re: Aragorn Lists

PostPosted: Tue May 07, 2013 4:19 pm
by Dragi
You cannot give Strider heavy armour. It is not listed as a option choice.