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My initial Angmar army

PostPosted: Fri Sep 07, 2012 11:28 am
by BaronDeSade
I did not want to roll this out yet, BUT, like Tim, I am getting tired of that dragon army.

1st Warband

The Witch King of Angmar with max stats and two-handed weapon.

12 crappy Orcs

3 Warbands of 12 crappy Orcs, each led by a Barrow-Wight.

593 points
52 models

So, there's 15 chances to put the dragon to sleep. If I get done with that, I can go and put the rest of his troops to sleep. He only has 8 models in his army, so it's almost too easy.

I have a block of Orcs with 2-handed weapons in this army. Normally, the worst of the worst, they will wound a sleeping dragon on a 5+/4+, which is a lot better than a 6+/5+ a normal Orc would, and with double strikes on the sleeping beast, meat will quickly be back on the menu for the boys.

The Witch King is almost an afterthought. He's an awesome leader, but he's hardly needed here.

Against any other army, I'll be able to use the Wights to knock out their leadership, and then it's just an issue of beating down the opponent's troops with 48 Orcs. Wights can make a few armor-piercing strikes, and the Witch King can clobber a lot of troops, too.



Re: My initial Angmar army

PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:06 pm
by BaronDeSade
I was able to play two games with this army last night.

The first game was Reconnoitre against Tim's Orc army. His army boasted a huge number of Orc Trackers on Wargs, inspired by an Orc drummer, to boot. Speed was something he didn't lack. My Angmar forces, on the other hand, rolled badly to come onto the table, and the zero-Might Wights couldn't help move things any faster, so my army did not fully deploy until Turn 3.

Then, my spellcasting utterly failed me, by my rolling a lot of low numbers and Tim rolling a lot of high ones to resist those few spells I did get off. I had a lot of D4 models, and the trackers rolling 4 S4 attacks on my Orcs caused a lot of casualties. He had a Shaman to make his Orcs fearless, so they happy charged through the gap the Trackers made to mug my Wights. The Witch King was useless, because his spells always failed.

The one good thing that happened was that one Wight managed to paralyze a Morannon Orc captain, who was then disposed of in one round by one of my Orcs who held a two-handed weapon. That's the kind of thing I wanted my Angmar force to do.

Needless to say, I lost that game, but then I went over and faced Jeff's small, hero-driven Dragon army. The Dragon couldn't get to my Wights because I was guarding them so well, so I paralyzed it and then spent a lot of time trying to roll 10's on my courage dice so my Orcs could get in there and kill the sleeping dragon. He rushed up his giant spiders to support the dragon, but my Wights paralyzed the Spider Queen and my Orcs disposed of her and the rest of the giant spiders. He had an Orc captain on a warg, and I shot him down with Orcs bows, so that battle went much better, although again, the Witch King did nothing (although, had he been a little closer, he would have enjoyed beating the dragon to death with his flail.)

So one of the things I would like to do with this army is replace the Witch King with a Shade and see how well that works. I have to wait for my Shade to arrive in the mail, though.



Re: My initial Angmar army

PostPosted: Sat Sep 08, 2012 1:32 pm
by Smeagol
Shades are deadly serious fun for a horde of orcs. What do you plan on putting into the force to give you Might? I'd suggest putting in a generic wraith for some Might and to keep the Harbinger of Evil rule in play. Plus he's a decent spellcaster when you need a little boost or want a hero to run at first opportunity.