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Dunlendings Unleashed

PostPosted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:00 pm
by Smeagol
It's been a while since I've taken this force out to play and in times past they've always been slaughtered pretty easily. The warband changes made fundimental changes to this force. Their higher strength makes them a much stronger force offensively. Their points cost went up as well, but that's to be expected. In the past this force would struggle against any defense 6 force, but with their strength of 4 they now injure their opponents on the same number they themselves take injury. They will struggle against dwarves, but High elves and Gondor are no longer a nemesis force. Since we play Blue on blue engagements it also means that Easterlings, Isengard, Morannons and Black Numenoreans aren't the obstacle they used to be. The ability to add in a cheap wizard in the form of Sharky is a very nice touch.

1 Dunlending Chieftain with shield
12 Dunlending Warriors with shield

1 Dunlending Chieftain with shield
11 Dunlending Warriors with shield

1 Dunlending Chieftain with shield
11 Dunlending Warriors with shield

11 Dunlending Warriors with bow

Models = 50
Might = 7

Tactically I have to use this force as a skirmish force. Spreading out my lines and enveloping my opponent. The archers being used to weaken a section of a line, take out exposed heroes and ultimately act as reserves to fill holes or exploit breaches.

I took on Steve's Easterlings in Lords of Battle. He deployed first and I used that advantage to deploy in a refused flank formation with my archers holding my refused right flank while my warriors made up my left flank. The archery duel went poorly for me, but I didn't expect them to do very well. My infantry advanced and spreadout to receive a cavalry charge. The initial charge didn't go too badly for me. I contained the charge with light losses. My counter sweep engaged Steve's right flank with my left while our centers advanced to contact. Steve's left flank advanced, but terrain and distance kept them out of the fight for now. My archers tried to inflct harm, but I only managed a single kill. Their greatest effect was psychological as I managed to get 5 shots out of six into the Dragon Knight despite in the Way rolls. No damage was done, but the potential wasn't lost on Steve. The left flank was turning bloody with two of my heroes taking down Steve's beloved leader, Tai-shan. This netted me a point of Might and I was back to full Might again. The center turned into a stalemate and we ended the turn with the same number of casaulties.

I got priority the next turn and poured Dunlendings through the holes I had made in Steve's lines. PRetty much everything on the left flank was trapped and his center was engaged from the front sides and rear. Steve's left flank managed to get some models engaged with my center while my archers moved out of cover to try and reinforce my right/center. Combats went badly for Steve. i killed a second captain (and regained another point of Might) and slaughtered everythign on Steve's right flank. his center was also gutten leaving about 1/3 of his force still standing. Steve's force was broken and mine was still nine modes for the same state. Steve resigned rather than fight out the beating as I was prepared to sweep my unengaged left flank to counter attack Steve's flanking attack. Sharky did a great job nerfing hero after hero with his Effortlessly immobilize spell.

I later took on Mathew's Mordor orc force in Reconnoitre. Matt is the guy who taught me the game, but he doesn't play as much as I do. I pretty much knew tI had the game when I realized that he wasn't playing the same scenario I was. i had my force spreadout across the table in a skrimish line and 2/3rd os the way across the table before Matt grabbed his book and read the victory conditions of the scenario. His force had moved in some ten inches and then planted itself while I advanced and out manauevered him. My archers managed to break his ability to Volley fire and then removed the crew from his Mordor bolt thrower. Soon after his Mordor uruk-hai commander and his two bodyguards was turned into pin cushions. At this point I had 8 victory points (comander and five models off the table), but his force was untouched and now that Matt knew the victory conditions he could easily blow through my thin line on my right flank while hilding the majority of my line in place in the center. If he did this then he could get more than enough models off the table to manage a win, plus my Leader was within striking distance which would quickly even up the VP count. I hit Matt's lines on the left and right flank while I advanced my archers towards his center to threaten Matt's force if he tried to reinforce his flanks.

I was too cautious with my archers so Matt was able to reinforce his flanks before I could my archers into the fight. My right flank was bled out and was reduced to a hero and four warriors. My left flank was doing much better as I had managed to kill two more Orc captains and soften up the Castellan on that flank, but I was bleeding out pretty fast on that side as well. We broke on the same turn, but Matt got priority and jumped my heroes with throw away troops. his intent was to thin out my force while he ran for my table edge. I got Sharky off the table and then the rest of my force fled. I was rediced to less than 25% and the game ended with a Major Victory for The Dunlendings.

Matt's orcs were a much better matchup for my Dunlendings as he had numbers and our combat abilities were pretty much equivalent. With the banner on his side and the two Castellans he was slightly superior in the combat arena. My eleven archers were stellar performers outshooting the orc trackers and the bolt thrower. If Matt had read the Victory Conditions before we played the game or if I had realized he wasn't aware of the objectives before we started the game so I could have told him, then it would have been a much closer fight.

I am well pleased with the Dunlendings at this point. I can add cavalry if I want it by adding in Sharku's warg riders, but I don't think I need them at this point.

Re: Dunlendings Unleashed

PostPosted: Sun Aug 26, 2012 8:43 pm
by BaronDeSade
Yes, it's nice to see the Dunlendings actually winning some fights after their long, disappointing history.

I look forward to our escalation game as the forces of Rohan send the Dunlanders back to their pig-mires!

For 300 points, I have:

1st Warband Eowyn's Hunters

Eowyn with armor

2 Rohan Royal Guard

2 Outriders

3 Warriors with melee weapon and shield, 2 with bows

3 Warriors with shield and throwing spear

2nd Warband Woses Friends

Ghan Buri Ghan, Stalk Unseen, Woodland Creature, Hate Orc-Folk

12 Woses

3rd Warband Stalwart Hobbit

Meriadoc, Knight of the Mark with shield and Elven Cloak, resistant to magic, throw stones

Total: 300 points

Total Models: 27

Break Point: -14

Yeah, I realize that there are no actual horses in my Rohan army, but since my goal is to paint models, I'll stick with the infantry for now and paint horses as upgrades.



Re: Dunlendings Unleashed

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:17 am
by Smeagol
It's rare for a Good force to be cheaper man for man than an evil force, but the Rohirrim are cheaper than my Dunlendings now. The best I can come up without resorting to orcs (which I considered) is 24/25 models. Not sure of what I will use as my final configuration, but likely it'll be mostly shield bearing warriors and a couple of fighting heroes. Without numbers to help shield him, Sharky is more liability than asset.

What scenario were you thinking about? I'm not sure if I'll get any painting time in on the Dunlendings. They are complicated, but time, energy and motivation are low right now. We need a local tournament to help push my painting motivation back up.

Re: Dunlendings Unleashed

PostPosted: Mon Aug 27, 2012 9:40 am
by BaronDeSade
Haha, don't "resort to Orcs." There's still hope!

Eowyn is super-cheap, and Ghan Buri Ghan is pretty cheap too, considering he gives three Might. I made Merry more expensive than I had to, just to burn the last 10 points.

If you want a local tournament you should alert Gary, I think.


Re: Dunlendings Unleashed

PostPosted: Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:30 pm
by BaronDeSade
And so the Dunlending horde came to assault Rohan, which relied on a woman, a hobbit, and a caveman to defend it. In the scenario, "Take and Hold" there was a rush towards the center, and a lot of terrain, so bowfire and blowgun fire were rendered moot. The Dunlendings found themselves outnumbered by the forces of the Rohirrim milita, and although they swept up onto the hill in the center, they were unable to outflank the forces of Good. Also, for some inexplicable reason, their barbaric heroes utterly let them down, whereas the caveman, Ghan-Buri Ghan, was knocking out Dunlendings left and right. Initiative fell to the Rohirrim more often than it otherwise might have, and the woman and the hobbit tied up one of the barbarian captains while the caveman punched out his army. 1st round goes to Rohan!

Woses are great allies for Rohan infantry, providing cheap spear support and a hero who is -very- cheap for having three Might. Eowyn and Merry also give cheap might. Go Rohan!