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B3 Evil Army

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 4:11 pm
by Monty
OK, here is a try at an evil army for B3:

Version 1

Warband 1
Shadow Lord on Horse
5 Morgul Knights
1 Morgul Knight with banner
3 morannon orc with shield
3 morannon orc with shield and spear

Warband 2
12 Orcs with bow

Warband 3
Morannon Orc Captain w two handed weapon
6 Mor. Orc with shield
6 Mor Orc with shield and spear

Model Count 39
Bow: 12
Might: 7

Version 2
Same, but remove the Morannon Orcs from the Shadow Lord's warband and replace them with a siege bow crewed by 4 orcs.

Not sure if all that bow is needed, although the plan would be to use them as volley fire, until needed as a reserves or to hold back on an objective.