Harad 700

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Harad 700

Postby Lordgoober » Fri Apr 27, 2012 9:41 pm

Ok. I've got a bunch of Half Trolls coming to me from a guy I bought them from at Adepticon so I figured I'd try making a list to stick em in. This list has no real sense of theme outside of being as high fight as possible. Second note, this list is made of models I already have and I don't own any abrakhan guard and probably won't buy any unless they by some miracle go plastic so DON'T suggest them ;)

WB1: Suladan on Horse: 100
3 Serpent Riders: 39, 6 Castellans of Umbar: 66, 2 Half Trolls: 46, 1 Half Troll w 2hw: 24

WB2: Hasharin: 90
6 Watchers of Karna: 48, 3 Watchers of Karna w Bow: 30, 2 Half Trolls w 2hw: 48, Half Troll: 23

WB3: Taskmaster: 60
6 Corsair Reavers: 60, 6 Castellans of Umbar: 66

700 on the nose IIRC.


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