Da irun fist o' da Orc

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Da irun fist o' da Orc

Postby BaronDeSade » Mon Mar 19, 2012 3:27 pm

Hello All,

As Tim reported, he defeated my Mordor army with his crappy Rohirrim last Friday. "Utterly intolerable!" I say. The Orcs will not stand for this shame! As the taskmaster would say, "Don't you know there's a war on?" So, I went to reform my Orcish force using some of the things I learned from last Friday's games, plus, some fine new Morannon Orc models I picked up at the same time. I have reduced my army down to three warbands, but stuffed them full of so much Orcy goodness that I don't mind losing the extra troops. Besides, if I really wanted a horde army, I wouldn't have bought the Great Beast!

1st Warband
Grishnakh, for three Might points with which to propel the Great Beast forward.
The Great Beast of Gorgoroth, pure goodness
4 Morannon Orcs with Shields and Spears
4 Orcs with Shields and Spears, because the Great Beast takes up a lot of room, so I might need this warband to fight in tight places, or I might need it to spread out. Giving everyone spears and shields lets me do either.
3 Orc Specters, haha, Tim hated these sculpts, so he sold them to me. One thing I noticed in the last game was the opposing cavalry running away from the Beast. Now, the Orc Specters can drag opposing models forward where the Beast can trample them or Grishnakh and the Beast can clobber them in a Heroic Fight. Or, they can try and send heroic characters away so the Beast can trample the regular troops.

2nd & 3rd Warbands, exactly alike
Orc Captain with Shield, for Might points and fightin' skill
4 Morannon Orcs with Shields, for bashin'
3 Orcs with bows, for shootin'
2 Warg Riders with Bows, for bashin', shootin' 'n' knockin' folks down where the Morannons can beat on 'em
Warg Rider with Shield, as above
Warg Rider with throwin' spear, just 'cause

600 points, 39 models, 7 Might, technically 11 bows, but in reality, 19 shots per turn. Mobility, strength and armor in close combat, even if only mediocre fighting skill (can't have everything) and bowfire. Fear da Orcs!

Whatcha t'ink, 'umie?


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