600 point Fiefdoms

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600 point Fiefdoms

Postby Lordgoober » Sun Feb 12, 2012 10:27 pm

Ok. First attempt with the new book on the fiefdoms. A little smaller model count than the old legions days but it should be interesting

Leader 1: Imrahil: 135
Followers 1: 6 Foot Knights: 54, 6 Men at arms w Pikes: 54: 108 total

Leader 2: Dol Amroth Captain: 55
Followers 2: 4 Foot Knights: 36, 4 Axemen of Lossanarch: 36: 72 total

Leader 3: Dol Amroth Captain: Armored Horse, Lance: 75
Followers 3: 3 Mounted Knights w Lance: 57, 2 Riders of the Dead: 48, 6 Blackroot Vale Archers: 48: 153 total

598/600 points.
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Re: 600 point Fiefdoms

Postby Smeagol » Mon Feb 13, 2012 12:30 am

That is a small force and to my eyes doesn't look very effective.
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Re: 600 point Fiefdoms

Postby JLeong » Mon Feb 13, 2012 2:15 am

I would try to drop the Riders of the Dead in favor of more infantry, but that is just me. Maybe changing to 4 Swan Knights (mounted) and putting the points elsewhere will grow the force a bit.
I also wonder if 6 Blackroot Archers is a large enough number to be effective. Maybe you could swap them out for greater numbers of heavy infantry.
I would also take the horse off the Captain and give it to Imrahil. Even though it is beneficial to have Imrahil close to your infantry for the banner effect, I find that it is much easier to move Imrahil where you want him when he is mounted. He also has a larger base this way, and consequently he will reach more models with his special rule. I might not bother with the lance, though. The points may be better spent on infantry.

I'm a big proponent of smaller armies, especially with the Warbands rules, but it seems to me like a few tweaks here and there to gain more infantry will be worth it for this army. 24 models, even with a hero like Imrahil, may be hard pressed to take on even a 50 model army (which I suspect will be fairly common). Growing the infantry line also helps you in scenarios like Domination, where you will have to divide your forces. Imrahil and his Captains can accomplish great things together, but when divided they need a decent number of men to back them up.
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