Guessing at the new rules: Easterling Army

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Guessing at the new rules: Easterling Army

Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Jan 29, 2012 3:36 pm

Hello All,

I have the new WD, and that gives me enough information to try and build an Easterling army that fits the new rules, such as I can discern them from the WD. I'm mostly looking at page 80, where they have the redundant "Amdur's Eastering Army of Rhun," which is like saying, "Patton's American Army of the USA," but, whatever.

One thing that seems clear is that even though the army is still limited to the 1/3 bow rule, those bows can be concentrated in one squad. They have a squad listed with an Easterling War Priest and 8 archers. I think that's a pretty good place to start, but let's up the number of archers to 12, so that I can get a decent volley-fire going. Fury is good to keep the archers alive and not have them running away.

I need to flesh out the rest of the army then, to provide enough warriors to manage all those bows. Amdur is a good choice of a hero. He's expensive-ish, but provides good value for his cost. I also note that these armies require a leader, and Amdur is a capable fighter for that role. So, Amdur, 4 Easterling warriors with shields and spears, and eight with swords and shields for the second squad. I'll make a similar phalanx with Captain Tai-Shan as its boss.

That leaves me with about 80 points left over for the last squad, which isn't much. It's not enough for a whole squad, and too much for another Easterling Hero, really. So, I'll throw in a generic Ringwraith with one Might, ten Will and one Fate to finish off the army. Generic wraiths add a lot to this army, I think.

Total model count is 40, which is a lot less than we usually play, but it's not terrible, either, given the new rules which require so many new heroes.

We'll see how it works on Friday!


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