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Postby Smeagol » Mon Jan 09, 2012 12:17 pm

It also depends on what they are facing.
Worst case for the Grey Company are Good on Good engagements. A Wood elf force can shoot them back fairly accurately, though their chances to wound are statistically equal at 3+/5+. Number of bows of course make a difference, but once those throwing weapons get into range the Grey Company will get chewed to pieces. So they have to either shoot the archers (reducing losses in the early game) or the advancing infantry (to reduce their numbers before they close).

Dwarf Rangers can do the same thing, but they hit and wound on 3+/5+ versus the Grey Company hitting and wounding on 3+/6+. Again throwing weapons will take a toll once the combat infantry closes.

To avoid these bad shooting matchups they have to buy Gandalf and that cuts into their numbers.

Evil forces pretty much take it in the shorts without the Shadowlord. Which is how the GC force was designed in my opinion. Catapults don't help because the GC don't have to bunch up to be dangerous. I'm not sure I have an evil force that could take a Grey Company in a straight fight. I've always gotten lucky scenario matchups (Domination, Reconnoitre or Seize the Prize) when facing them in tournament play.
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