Khandish Musings

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Khandish Musings

Postby Smeagol » Mon Nov 28, 2011 1:29 am

My Khandish Mercenaries have been one of my favourite forces since I first saw them during the Shadows in the East days. Early on I tried to make the regular Khandish Warriors work, but ran into a lot of problems and frustrations. They made their debut at a Baltimore GT where I first met Jeremy. Having picked up a lot more Khandish Horsemen over the years I decided to sit down and inventory them and see what I could make of them.

[Mixed force of mercenaries]
1 Khandish King with bow on chariot
1 Khandish Mercenary Chieftain with bow on horse
18 Khandish Merc. Horsemen
38 Khandish Mercenary Warriors

Points = 598
Models = 58
Archers = 20

My most successful force until I collected the Dwarven Rangers. They've since lost most of the games I've played. Most of the problem has to do with their low numbers and some leadership issues. This updates the original mixed force of Mercenaries. They should start most games at around 50 models which is the older versions starting model count before Sell Sword losses.

The heroes are good, the chariot is resilient so it is fairly easy to keep the King mounted throughout the game and the troops are above average in FV. The two handed weapons are a nice armour cracking benefit with the only real downside being their lack of spear support. I could ally in Harad or orcs to get spears, but I like the look of the pure Khandish force better.

[Khandish Mercenary Raiders]
1 Khandish Mercenary Chieftain with bow on horse
1 Khandish Mercenary Chieftain with bow on horse
36 Khandish Mercenary Horsemen (unusable bows)
18 Khandish Merc. Horseman (with bow)

Points = 597
Models = 56
Archers = 20

A 56 model all cavalry force is just plain intimidating. The Sell Sword rule will reduce the force typically by 6 models which means the average number of models in the force should be 50. There is a one in 6 chance that it'll only have one hero and a 1 in 36 that the force will be fielded with no heroes in the battle. Such it the chances that you take when using Khandish Mercenaries. What's not to like about a large fast elite cavalry force? It lacks infantry to take and hold objectives or exploit terrain, but that's actually not too much of a problem since I can just use the bulk of the cavalry as mounted infantry. Get where I need to get and then dismount to hold a defendable position. Leadership becomes an issue once it's broken so this force has got a glass jaw, particularly if one or both heroes are out of action or tied up.

[Variags of Khand]
1 Khandish King with bow on chariot
19 Khandish Horseman
38 Khandish Warriors

Points = 595
Models = 58
Archers = 20

My latest thoughts for a non-mercenary Khandish host. Using them as a horde like many of my other forces makes them a bit more resilient than in times past. Using the Khandish Regulars instead of the Mercenaries means I lose the FV, but I do gain a stable numerical starting value. The King acts as a banner for the force or at least the portion that he is near and the chariot makes it hard to dismount him. The theory is that numbers will make up for the lower defense and FV which works reasonably well for my orcs and Haradrim. Though those two forces have access to spear support and the Variags do not so it may not work out as well in frontal assaults. The hero is a good fighter and leader so as long as he's still in the game being broken isn't a death sentence like it is for the mercenaries.
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