Dunlendings redux

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Dunlendings redux

Postby Smeagol » Fri Oct 28, 2011 12:18 am

Okay I'm a glutton for punishment. If I can get the hang of playing these guys then I will be very happy. It's not their low defense that's a bother since I've got other forces that just as bad or worse. It's not their FV of three either since I've got FV three orcs that work as well. Their heroes are average at best and their ally choices are just short of awful.

2 Dunlending Chieftains with shield
20 Dunlending Warriors with shield
10 Dunlending Warriors with two handed axe
15 Dunlending Warriors with bow

1 Uruk-hai Captain with shield
20 Or Warriors with spear

Points = 600
Might = 6
Warriors = 65
Heroes = 3
Bows = 15

Built on my typical horde model. Unlike most of my other hordes this one has a good fighting hero and two supportting heroes. Bowfire is not optimized, but their fairly accurate and numerous to deter cavalry and hopefully control approaches.

I'll see if this redux works tomorrow. Who knows if I can get this force to be relatively competitive I may bring them out to compete.
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Postby Smeagol » Sun Oct 30, 2011 12:55 am

This force was shattered like a porceline vase on hard concrete. The alliance worked okay, but I don't think Dunlendings can fight a traditional line, column and square. So time to rethink the force build as well as looking into skirmish tactics that this force lends itself to this motley crew of relatively weak fighters.

2 Cheiftains with shield
40 Dunlending Warriors with shield
10 Dunlending Warriors with two handed weapons
20 Dunlending Warriors with bow

Points = 600
Might = 4
Models = 72

Archery is no worse than most of my evil armies and better than orcs. So nothing worng with this portion of the force. No spears so this force is not well suited to fighting against a shieldwall. So skirmish tactics used by my Khandish Mercs would seem to be applicable, but Dunlendings aren't FV4 and they lack cavalry. Two handed weapons give me something to hit higher defense with, but I don't have many of them. I may have to think about swapping out 10 of the shields for another 10 two handed warriors. I doubt I'll need them agaisnt most forces anyway. The difference between defense 5 and defense 4 against strength 3 is nill. The defense 5 shields will cover them from enemy archery as I close.

Against FV 4, S 4+, D 6+ forces the Dunlendings will probably be trampled pretty regularly.
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Postby BaronDeSade » Sun Oct 30, 2011 11:15 pm

Heh, their alliance choices are not awful; they can ally with Isengard!

If anyone were to ask me, I would say that the weakness of the Dunlendings is that they lack the tools that make the Orc forces more interesting, like drummers, shamen, taskmasters and, uh, spears.

I don't think that you will have very good luck trying to use those Dunlendings as skirmishers, as they lack throwing weapons. If only there was a way to use them like in the movies, attacking unarmed farmers... :P

If you don't mind, I'll go through the allies and spit out some opinions on the choices available.

Angmar has lots of interesting choices. Bhurdur is awesome, and relieves you of the problem of your troops being so terrible in HtH. Put Bhurdur at the tip of the wedge and have the Dunlendings fall in behind. I didn't mind holding that gap against a horde of Dunlendings in our last game, but I would have been very unhappy trying to hold it against Bhurdur.

I assume that you don't want a Shade, but it would again help with your troops poor HtH skills.

I know that you don't like the Wight, and I don't think a Wight would have helped in the last game.

The Wild Warg Cheiftain is an awesome fighter, as we know, and gives you a fast moving hero to play with. Seems themed, too, as a barbarian chieftain would love to have a giant attack dog.

I assume that you are not a fan of Cave Trolls, but again, it would give you something to use as a linebreaker, which your heroes are not suitable for.

The Dwellers Below list also offers the WWC, Cave Troll and gives extremely cheap spear support. In this case, the higher F value of the Dunlending makes him a better partner for the spear-goblin than a regular goblin. You can also use the grossly broken Gundabad Blackshields to toughen up your lines. Seems to me that a two-handed Dunlander would be a good partner for a Blackshield, as the BS Goblin would get the benefit of the DL's F3. Don't know if you have used the Tremor spell or not, but it seems like a good support to allow Dunlendings to do some damage. The downside is that this would slow down your battle lines. AFAIK, the Gundabad Orcs worked with evil Men, so I think the theme is fine.

Isengard Raiders give you cav, good fighters and good heroes. Dunlendings give you volume of bodies. A good match.

The Legions list gives you Orc spears and good heroes, as you know.

Khand gives you horse archers. Corsairs give you throwing weapons.

The Nazgul give you a ton of choices. It seems to me that the Dark Marshal would be a natural commander of the Dunlendings, getting that rabble going in the direction Sauron wants.

Anyhow, there are a lot of choices, I think, and I think you could hardly be faulted for playing a mixed force with Dunlendings, as GW never finished the upgrades promised for them in LOME.


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