Battle of Pelennor Fields Scenario for Hurricon

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Battle of Pelennor Fields Scenario for Hurricon

Postby orcishthug » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:00 pm

I’m running this Battle the afternoon of the 24th at Hurricon in Orlando.
I’m looking for comments on balance, etc. I still have time to adjust.
We’ll see how it goes. I can fine tune the scenario for subsequent runs as needed.
This run will probably be with beginners (experienced Gamers, but not with this system) so any minor imbalance will likely be lost in the noise.

Battle of Pelennor Fields:
Good Points: 3651 Evil Points: 3727
Good Models: 184 Evil Models: 215

Mordor (1229 points):

Orc Captain on Warg
2 Orc Captains w/ Shields
4 Mordor Trolls
8 Warg riders w/Shields
20 Orcs w/Bows
20 Orcs w/ Shields
20 Orcs w/Spears
2 Orcs w/ Banners

Easterlings (406 points):

Eastering Captain (Shield)
Easterling Captain (Halberd)
6 Easterling Warrior (Bow)
12 Easterling Warriors (Spear & Shield)
12 Easterling Warriors (Shield)
Easterling Warrior (Banner)

Nazgul (390 points):

3 Nazgul on Fell Beasts (1M, 10W, 1F)

Serpent Horde (1702 Points):

2 Haradrim Chieftains Mounted
2 Haradrim Cheiftains (Bow, Spear)
2 War Mumaks ( Mahud, gnarled hide, Rappeling Lines)
10 Serpent Riders
10 Raiders (Bow & Lance)
1 Raider w/ Banner
23 Haradrim w/ Bow
46 Haradrim w/ Spear
2 Haradrim w/ Banner

Rohan – All mounted(1107 points):
Eomer Knight of Pelennor
Grimbold (Eorl the Young Stats)
Captain (Erkenbrands Stats)
7 Royal Guard
10 Outriders
28 Riders of Rohan
2 Riders of Rohan w/ Banner

Grey Company & Reinforcements - All on Foot (1104 points):
Aragorn w/ Anduril
Halbrad w/ Banner
15 rangers of Arnor
6 KoDA
8 MaA DA
6 Clansmen

Fiefdoms From Minas Tirith (716 points):

Imrahil (Mounted)
Forlong (Mounted)
8 Mounted KoDA
9 KoDA
6 Men at Arms
6 Axemen
10 Blackroot Vale Archers

Gondor from Minas Tirith (724 points):

Gandalf the White/Shadowfax
Beregond (mounted)
Captain (Mounted/Shield/Lance)
Pipin Guard of the Citadel
15 CG Mounted
10 KoMT
1 KoMT Banner
10 WoMT Shield
10 WoMt Shield/Spear

The battlefield is Pelennor Fields. I am using GW Battle Boards with two flat on each end and the four piece hill in the middle (8 ft. x 4 ft.). No other Terrain (its a field after all). The setting is Rohan, with their Horses blown, are regrouping around Eomer on the Hill. All the Evil contingents have them surrounded at the start. Rohan sets up on the Hill first, then Evil sets up with the only restriction that they must be out of first turn charge distance. Roll for priority. On the first turn, Gondor and Fiefdoms from Minas Tirith enter on one end. The Grey Company enters from the other end (on one board). Time limit is 4 hours. This is designed for 6 players, 3 good and three Evil. I have Rohan divided into three Groups each led by a hero (Gamling goes with Eomer) so each good player gets one group of Rohirrim and one group of reinforcements. Evil divides up Easterlings/Nazgul, Serpent Horde, and Mordor. I deliberately left mostly generic Heros for Evil (except Gothmog). At this point the Witch King and Serpent Lord are dead. Evil can break (by Army). Good does not break. No deus ex machina Army of the Dead.

Victory Points are:


• Kill all 3 Nazgul: 2
• Break Easterlings: 1
• Break Mordor: 2
• Break Serpent Horde: 2
• Reduce Serpent horde below 25%: 1
• Reduce Mordor below 25%: 1
• Eliminate Easterlings: 1
• Eliminate Serpent Horde: 2
• Eliminate Mordor: 2
• Kill Gothmog: 1
• Kill both Mumaks: 1
• Kill all four Trolls: 1
• Grey Company links up with Rohan 2
• Gondor/Fiefdoms link up with Rohan 2


• Reduce Rohan to 50%: 2
• Reduce Rohan to 25%: 1
• Eliminate Rohan: 2
• Reduce Grey Company to 50%: 1
• Reduce Fiefdoms to 50%: 1
• Reduce Gondor to 50%: 1
• Kill Eomer: 1
• Kill Gandalf: 2
• Kill Aragorn: 2
• Kill the Twins: 1
• Kill Imrahil: 1
• Kill Gimli: 1
• Kill Legolas: 1
• Eliminate Grey Company, Fiefdoms, or Gondor: 2
• Prevent any link up with Rohan: 2
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Postby Slammers77 » Fri Sep 16, 2011 7:31 pm

I wish I could be there John. It is a blast, but I will at a BSA adult training weekend.

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Postby orcishthug » Mon Sep 26, 2011 6:05 pm

The scenario went well with the Evil side winning 4 to 3 on points when Eomer was surrounded by Easterlings without any might left (Gamling died the previous turn) and couldn’t suck out a six to win combat. Evil also got two points for Rohan under 50% and one point for Rohan under 25%. Good scored two points for linking up with Rohan and one point for taking the Easterlings below 50%. The players were all good but rusty with the LOTR rules (except for a former Outrider). I imagine next time or with the Paladin regulars we would have gotten about 50% more turns in. I started all reinforcements after turn one. Probably having them enter at the beginning would have worked out better in this case.


1) Rohan did a charge where feasible in all directions off the hill but then backed into a defensive mode with two groups while Eomer’s more powerful group attempted to break through to link up opposite Imrahil’s reinforcement group.

2) The Mumaks loomed Large (pun intended), initially for their shooting from the Howdah. Grimbold was put afoot on turn two but held up one mumak for several turns, eventually getting stomped.

3) The archers on that Mumak unhorsed Gandalf on the third turn despite bilinding light , in the way,etc. and put two wounds on Gandalf. He retired out of range after Sourcerous blasting the Mahud off the fork.

4) On the other side of the field, Imrahil linked up with an outrider, then the other Mumak trampled all his Knights (8) who were following, leaving him alone.

5) The Blackroot Vale archers were money against the mumaks, even with gnarled hides. On the next to last turn the mumak with a Mahud left took three wounds and failed courage. The good player obliterated about a third of the Easterlings with a charge taking them below 50%.

6) The mounted CG surrounded the Mahudless mumak and wounded him. It failed courage and trampled some Haradrim.
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