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Re: LOTR point values for tournaments

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 5:31 pm
by prion2001
griffen127 wrote:You think that was uncivil? I can asure you that is civil. I'm making a point if you are playing someone that cannot play in the spirt of the game and they are unbeatable. Talk to them explain the problem then don't play them, if they pick not to change. Whats uncivil about that?

I think Smeagol may have taken the statement to mean HE was the person who couldn't play in the spirit of the game. You clearly meant he might be playing OTHER people who are forcing him to build a force on numbers in order to compete.

At any rate, my two cents are from a different perspective I think. 600 points gives a shorter game which works much better for a TO. I love playing this game but 2.5-3 hour games are a bit much. B3, with 6 games, was fun but very tiring so going for longer games just doesn't appeal to me (But that is me of course). Also, when trying to get folks into the game I always like smaller point values. Old veterans like us would have no problem building to 1000 points but not sure that would appeal to newbies interested in getting their feet wet.

As for the competitve aspect, as Kyle can attest, I'm the wrong guy to weigh in on that. :shock: I like the smaller points for reasons completely unrelated to whether this disadvantages some forces.


p.s. Good topic though as this was something I heard a few folks talking about at B3 so it's certainly something to discuss.

Re: LOTR point values for tournaments

PostPosted: Thu Nov 08, 2012 7:00 pm
by Smeagol
You don't introduce new players to the game via tournaments. That environment is by its very nature not a nurturing one. We are there to compete as best we can. New players need to learn how to okay the game and to become enamoured with it before being put into the fires of a tournament forge. Some people do not like tournament play.