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Re: Army Building Thought

Postby prion2001 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 12:31 am

I for one am going to play the new way from here on out, including Adepticon, I run the risk of facing a horde using the legions rules like they are, but I don't care. I would feel like a jack@ss about complaining and waiting for GW support and not use it.

Not to veer off subject but I had to say KUDOS to GoE for his stance regarding Adepticon. The only people I feel should bring a Legions list would be the few who indicated they had completed displays and armies and no time to make changes and I hope they reconsider. This is ultimately why I allowed both list types. So, if someone wants to use that to a perceived competitive advantage (change their unbuilt army to get numbers), that is on them. I know I will bring a list from these new books.

As for Tim's point, I think it is the TO's event and they need to do what THEY want. I think I now realize that you cannot please everyone as a TO so you might as well please someone. :lol: I would play either way but fear that the majority, especially new players, are just going to go along with GW, making your job harder I think. Plus, I'm of the mind that GW designers get paid to design army lists and rules. I hate to see you devote so much effort into fixing their system. That's their job (IMHO).

In the end, put on a LotR event that is fun (as all reports indicate you always do) and if competitive gamers want some sort of "balance" from the system/books I'd tell them to take it up with GW. It's not your job.

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Re: Army Building Thought

Postby ChrisLS » Mon Feb 20, 2012 12:59 am

One idea Hal and I were kicking around was a house rule that warbands would be based upon the points value of a hero. My idea was to allow one warrior per 5 points of a hero, inclusive of equipment, perhaps with a max of 20.

This way, you keep the warbands concept and all of the accompanying scenario rules, while not excessively benefitting those with low point heroes (Moria and Minas Tirith) and not excessively punishing those with high point heroes (Elves and Dwarves).

Any thoughts on this?
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