Liquidating the rest of my stuff

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Liquidating the rest of my stuff

Postby Lordgoober » Sun Sep 07, 2014 9:24 am

I've noticed with my complete change in focus of gaming that I'm really not playing ANY GW games anymore so I figured I'd liquidate the rest of my Rings stuff.

What I have left are Corsairs and Dwarves and some various books.

I'll list it out when I get home. Anything that isn't taken will be going into the Plus auction.

For a preview, to buy what I have in dwarves at today's retail would be over a grand. I'm not going to be looking for NEARLY that much. The paint scheme is in a nice green and bronze. There is NO FAILCAST in this army. The Dwarves were originally set up for War of the Ring.

Essentials on the dwarves.
All named characters
equivalent of 4 boxes of commanders
1 kings champion set
8 boxes worth of plastic warriors
4 boxes worth of plastic rangers
8 Vault Warden teams
22 Khazad Guard
22 Iron Guard
4 Ballistas
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