The three wizards

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The three wizards

Postby Smaug » Fri May 31, 2013 4:36 pm

What does everyone think about Gandalf the Gray/white, Saruman and Radagast? I feel that they are all very powerful and can do a lot to bolster an army; however, they are so dang expensive and can not have any followers (unless you are taking a Great Eagle under Radagast.) To pay 150+ points for a model that can take no followers is hard when you are working on a well rounded list. They can shut down enemy heroes and monsters with ease, and do some other nice magic to give you some power in a battle but they themselves cant really do anything in combat for the most part. It almost seems that it would be better to put the 150 points into upgrading the other heroes in the army or using the points to make another war band with followers. What do you all think about this?
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Re: The three wizards

Postby Smeagol » Fri May 31, 2013 5:23 pm

I agree wth your concerns. To me wizards must have a specific job that they are particularly suited to. Shutting down enemy heroes or providing a defensive or offensive capability that you need to improve your force's survivability.

Radigqst is now more potent against cavalry forces thanks to his Heroic Casting version of Panic steed. He's always been a decent support wizard for other heroes with his ability to heal and bolster Will.

Saruman is more offensive in nature and is really good at pinning specific opposing heroes in place or even moving them out of position. His ability to cast Sorcerous Blast gives him a good offensive punch. He's cheaper than Gandalf and almost as good.

Gandalf is the most expensive and is good at defensive support with Cast blinding Light and has some offns!ive capacity with his Sorcerous Blast. His greatest abilities are of course his eleven ring and Glamdring.

At 750 points I would consider a wizard a good investment in points if you already had a well rounded force. Of course your point about the points being spent elsewhere is what I would do for a tournament force.

My favorite of the fighting wiazrds is Galadriel (war aspect). She can't cast much but she is a great leader and she can fight.

Now what everyone of them give you is a good warrior support hero with their Might points if you use them wisely. I've had Gandalf and Saruman do some damage in close combat.
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