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Getting started with LotR/Hobbit

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 4:29 am
by prion2001
I wanted to start a thread for those who are new or maybe returning to Lord of the Rings/Hobbit Strategy Battle Game. My hope is to provide a quick guide to how to get started and especially focus on the sorts of gaming the local AWC LotR Club tends to do. So if you are new to the LotR forums here please say hello and if you are in the Chicago area and looking for games let us know. There is a small group locally so I'm sure you'll find some interested opponents quick..

Lord of the Rings SBG and Point Matches:
This WAS the previous version of the game prior to The Hobbit SBG release on 12/1/12. As a club, most of our members played match point games including tournaments using the sourcebooks (sometimes called Warbands), the army composition system in those volumes and the SBG rules in the old One Ring rulebook. This can still be done by using the NEW rulebook (The Hobbit SBG) and the existing LotR sourcebooks pictured below.

You can find more about these on the GW website at: ... cat970018a

In addition to using the existing LotR line and sourcebooks to build an army you can also use the profiles and army lists for new models based on The Hobbit film, which are found in the hardcover "The Hobbit" rulebook. The new rules in that rulebook incorporate the army building system from the current sourcebooks so you can use armies from either source (sourcebooks or Hobbit rulebook).

Scenario play (aka. Recreating the movies):
Another way to play the game is to use scenarios and forces that recreate scenes from the movies and books. For the LotR movies, you can use the Journeybooks, pictured below, to recreate scenes from the LotR trilogy. You still need the profiles for these models (found in the sourcebooks above) but you don't build an army as you would for point matches and instead, you build your force based on a list provided in the journeybooks.

You can find more about these on the GW website at: ... cat970018a

The new The Hobbit SBG: Escape from Goblin Town is the same sort of scenario play for the new films (The Hobbit). The box game is strictly for this sort of play so if you wish to build armies for point matches or use models NOT in that box then you will need the hardcover The Hobbit SBG rulebook. The main hardcover book will also have scenarios and profiles allowing you to do scenario play if you choose not to get the box game.

Note. You can (and many of us do) play both sorts of games. The great thing about the game (IMO) is that you could start with smaller scenario games and then slowly build up a Point Match force as you go. Or, pick an army, build it and before long you will find you have enough models to recreate some scenarios. This is how the club has managed to organize big games of Pellenor Fields and Helm's Deep in the past. I have a feeling there will be a chance for something like that before The Hobbit movies end. :wink:

The Adeptus Windy City LotR Club:
In the Chicago area we have an informal LotR gaming club that plays both point match and scenario play SBG. We are located in various portions of the Chicagoland area and try to meet at local stores as often as we can (sadly, not nearly as much as some of us would like). So if you are looking to learn the game, find some opponenets, etc then please post on the AWC LotR forums and I'm sure you'll find someone willing to play.

In addition to monthly gaming, we are actively involved in the LotR tournaments at Adepticon as well as an independent LotR GT called Bilbo's Birthday Bash (B3 for short). You can find out more about the Adepticon events by checking out the Adepticon webcart here at AWC. More information about B3 can be found at

Thanks and welcome to 25mm Middle-earth.


Re: Getting started with LotR/Hobbit

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 7:06 am
by BrentS
Great post. Thanks for taking the time to put this together.

Re: Getting started with LotR/Hobbit

PostPosted: Sat Dec 01, 2012 11:51 am
by prion2001
I'm very excited about the future of the game. I'm hopeful new players will find our community and will stay motivated to play as a result (unlike the original LotR release 11 years ago).