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Postby old coast » Mon Nov 12, 2012 9:36 pm

While, I am not signed up yet, and if they dont open more spots, I worry I wont get in, but I'd like to do this..
looks like I am not doing anything but LotR this year. I am kind of waiting on the Hobbit releases
and see what that brings. but I am open to doing something cool. Its not a secret the hobby part of
the game is more important to me than your lists or if you can win games, I am more interested
in that you can build cool stuff and paint..PM if you're interested, a good barometer is if your paint score at
at BBB was mid 30ish or at last years champs was 24+ , I think we can make something work. Let me know.

also I'm for MtMD, and the Sat Champs going for the the triple play :D
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