BBB Army Lists - Oct 27

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BBB Army Lists - Oct 27

Postby BrentS » Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:46 am

Wow, BBB is fast approaching... I've got a few army lists sent my way. Here's a reminder from the tournament rules:

BBB Rules wrote:The tournament organizers have requested that army lists be pre-submitted to speed up check-in and allow for verification. While this is not mandatory, if you do pre-submit your army list you will be awarded a bonus of up to 2 points to your overall point total for the event. The deadline for pre-submission of army lists will be one week before the event (i.e., submitted by October 27).

So please send me your army lists by Oct 27 to receive the bonus points! I'd prefer to have them emailed (send me a PM if you don't have my email address handy).
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