Latest wave of Finecast stuff September version

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Latest wave of Finecast stuff September version

Postby Lordgoober » Sun Sep 09, 2012 12:43 am

Latest wave of finecast stuff is coming from GW in about a week. Listings and prices

3 Hunters: $36.25
Hobbits of the Shire: $19.25: Box is Fatty, Paladin, a Hornblower and LOBELIA SACKVILLE BAGGINS. Even for the price I WILL be buying this one even though technically I only need 2 of the models, the Hornblower (for an extra) and Lobelia.
Saruman the White: $16.50
Fighty Galadrial: $16.50
Kings of Men: $29.75
Unarmored Haldir w Bow: $16.50
Sharkey and Worm: $29.75
Corsair Bosun and Captain: $24.75
Mounted Ringwraiths 1,2,3: $24.75 each
Hasharin (the one with the daggers not "molded" into the torso) $16.50
Super Shagrat: $16.50

Mostly not needed for me but that Hobbits of the Shire box I will buy for Lobelia mainly. Anyone here need a Fatty or a Paladin Took?
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