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My thanks

Postby prion2001 » Thu Apr 26, 2012 8:33 am

I wanted to make sure I thanked a number of people for their help and support this year. First, a big thanks to all of you that came out to play LotR. Whether it was playing in the singles (I had a great time playing) or the team, the Adepticon events would not exist and would certainly not be what they are without YOU. Thanks for attending, brining a positive attitude and giving the events the generally laid back and fun vibe they seem to have.

Thanks to Jeremy for running the Championship single handed this year (and for the first time as well). You did a FANTASTIC job and I hope you'll consider coming back on board for Adepticon 2013. I can't tell you all how crucial it has been for people to step up and run the Championships. It has been a break I have deseparately needed and I thank Jeremy (and Brent and Frank last year). Jeremy also deserves a huge kudos for his amazing Tower of Orthanc. I can't recall the number of people I saw come into our room and take pictures of that thing. And not to be outdone, Jeremy also crafted the Dead Marshes table complete with "dead the water" as Sam would say. All around a real nice upgrade to our terrain.

Thanks to Brent for his continued work on terrain, from storage and building to setup and breakdown. This is a vital part of what makes Adepticon LotR happen every year. Thanks to Kyle as well for the terrain he loaned us in addition to his, Chris T, John H.'s and other people's help with setup Thursday (I'm sorry I think I'm forgetting everyone that was there). And thanks to those same folks plus many others who packed up all the terrain Saturday night. It happened so fast that by the time I was done entering results it was finished so I can't even tell you everyone who helped but I know it was a bunch of you. That saved me a HUGE amount of work later that night so I thank you. On the terrain front I also want to thank Chris B. who has made several boards for us over the years (two Harad and the new Mirkwood board). I don't know if we've ever formally acknoeldged his efforts before publicly.

Last but not least, my thanks to Tim C. and Tyler D. for volunteering to be our ringer team. We fortunately did not need a ringer this time but it is always a possibility and I'm grateful that they were around to play if needed. Plus, they helped to get prize support and do other tasks while I was busy entering data so a big thanks to both of them.

I'm sure I've forgotten someone here and if I have please don't take offense. So many of you have stepped up, in small ways and big, to make Adepticon LotR a success. I thank you all for those efforts and want you to know how much that support helps inspire me to do again every year. Trust me, it's not GW's support that keeps me motivated. :twisted:

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