LotR Team Tournament 2012 Rules

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LotR Team Tournament 2012 Rules

Postby prion2001 » Sun Feb 19, 2012 3:45 am

The updated rules for the Team event (with one exception) are now up here. http://cart.adepticon.org/index.php?mai ... cts_id=466. Click on the Detailed Even Information link.

The one change that still needs to be made is to the judged theme portion of the painting checklist to accomodate LOME and Warbands theme.

Besides the tweeks to include both Legions and Warbands, there is a change to the rules for the Overall Commander to please make sure you read all of these new rules and do not make assumptions from previous year events.

Finally, scenarios will NOT be provided ahead of time. The scenarios are Adepticon scenarios as in years past, based off of previous years scenarios. Again, do not assume anything about scenarios, deployment, etc. You should come prepared for whatever the scenarios entail and you will not know this until the morning of the event.


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