Armies that are used in the area

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Armies that are used in the area

Postby Lordgoober » Thu Aug 18, 2011 9:09 pm

What eras do people use in the chicagoland area when they're playing WAB? You know the books I have from the post I made just after Gencon. I'd like to start with an era that people around here play on a relatively regular basis. Also what army size should I be working myself towards?
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Postby RichN » Fri Aug 19, 2011 6:33 am

To borrow from my post to ADLP1947:
There are two most common periods of play. First are Ancients, covering Greek Hoplites, Macedonian Successors, Republic Romans, Carthage, various Barbarians and ending with Imperial Romans. More or less, all of these groups can battle if your willing to be rather liberal in your time periods. The second period is late dark age covering Saxon, Viking, Norman and early Crusader states. There are certainly guys out there playing other periods, but this is what I see a lot of in my group and at Adepticon.

For the books you purchased, El Cid, BTGG and Shieldwall fit into the second category. Shieldwall is probably the most popular, many of the armies at the Adepticon tournament (and the recent WAB tournament in La Crosse) were from this book. Norman knights, Viking raiders - seems to appeal to a lot of people. I like an Arab flair to my armies - so I play the later BTGG lists or El Cid.

Spartacus and Fall of the West roughly fall into the first period, although people generally get their lists from other books for ancients. Few people play from Art of War. I know a hand full of the WI guys are playing medievals using Vlad. AoA is a good grab bag of lists, if a bit dated by more recent army books.

For army size, the goal will be 2K points played on an 8x4 board. However, I played a lot of 1K games (with about 100 figures) as I was learning the game. And the La Crosse tournament played 1500 on 6x4 tables - which was a good fit for points and table size.
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