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Postby ADLP1917 » Mon Aug 15, 2011 12:01 am

Hi really want to get into historical gaming other than FoW was wondering what game is most popular for that in chicago and was wondering what army i should start and where i can meet up a group and get an army just pm me here
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Postby RichN » Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:48 am

We have a group playing WAB and Hail Caesar in 28mm which meets in Cicero. I've heard of groups playing at BlackSun and possibly Games Plus running Field of Glory in 15mm.

Historicals are a bit different that GW gaming in that you'll want to match up both scale and period with the guys you plan on playing with. I'm going to talk about what I've seen and what you're likely to find at Adepticon (all in 28mm).

There are two most common periods of play. First are Ancients, covering Greek Hoplites, Macedonian Successors, Republic Romans, Carthage, various Barbarians and ending with Imperial Romans. More or less, all of these groups can battle if your willing to be rather liberal in your time periods. The second period is late dark age covering Saxon, Viking, Norman and early Crusader states. There are certainly guys out there playing other periods, but this is what I see a lot of in my group and at Adepticon.

Warhammer Ancient Battles is a single based 28mm cousin of Warhammer Fantasy Battle. If you've played 6th or 7th edition of WFB, you'll pick up WAB quickly. Support from GW is non-existent and you'll need to order books from the UK, but there are 10 army books in print and you'll find a lot of folks familiar with the game. The points system makes the game very scalable, allowing for small battles of 1000 point while you learn the game and big 2000+ points battles for events.

Hail Caesar is a new game from Warlord written by Rick Priestly. It has similarities to Warmaster, and we are finding it plays large battles very easily. The armies divide into sections allowing for easy team play, which also allows for a noob to take part without a full army. Armies are written using a component system ie the book has a list of unit types and you work out the best list for the game with your opponent. It helps to have a bit of back ground on your army or reference books like the WAB army books. HC is available from several sources in the US including Architects of War and Amazon.

The list of figure manufactures is long. Once you sort out when and what - we can help out with where to buy from.

PM me if you want to talk about dropping by our gaming group.
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Postby Lordgoober » Mon Aug 15, 2011 11:22 am

Also out of the bunker area though we aren't fully up and running yet we have a group doing Warmaster Ancients at the 6mm scale with Imperial Roman era armies. I've got to finish painting my infantry to finish off that 1000 point army at some point.
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