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Postby OGRE » Mon Apr 21, 2008 9:48 am

Hello all,
Thanks to the all of you that have given a "Thank You" to all of the staff. I know for one that I appreciate it.

On to my RANT>
QUIT yer frinking whining! Whaa Some team beat me up, Wahhaaa some team scored better than me. Whaa some team got an award last year and got one this year! Be an adult and tell the team what you didn't like, or you thought they were poor sports. Don't tank somebody behind there back,let them know you thought it was a cheesy list. Ask anybody who has played me, they know where I stand with their list and themselves.

Come play yer game, throw your dice and hopefully have fun, if not don't return! The founding Fathers said "the pursuit of happiness" YOU ARE NOT GUARANTEED IT!!

I have come to EVERY Adepticon and worked them all and played once!
What is funny is that for the most part the people who worked the first one, are still working Adepticon SIX years later. We have had alot of new faces, but by and large I still recognize the "Old timers". We have had lots of people talk the talk, lets see if you can walk the walk. The planning for next year has already started and if you want your ideas to be heard become a volunteer or shut up! Every time after Adepticon is over, we have this same old tired whine and complain. Well step up and help RUN IT! You think you can do better than prove it or shut yer pie hole!

On a side note: If I ever hear anybody talk about Jen and her short skirt again, you and I will have more than words. She is a dear friend and deserves to be treated better than some half ass stupid comment NIDZILLA517!
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Postby Green Blow Fly » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:38 am

You sure were acting funny that last round.

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Postby Ed » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:45 am

Things are getting personal and non-constructive. Mebbe lock this thread and start over?

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Postby BrPrometheus » Mon Apr 21, 2008 10:59 am

I will start this post as I started my previous one: Thank you to the staff of adepticon, I run 4 tournaments a year, none of which are anywhere near this scale and I truly do appreciate the work and effort that go into an event like this. Heck you break your own tables down! I posted on this board not to whine or complain. You asked for comments / suggestions I gave some. I am interested in seeing you improve this event becuase it is such a fun thing to do and I believe that you are willing to improve the event were you see there could be improvements as well. I understand that not everyone will agree with me on my original comments but I wanted to respond to a couple of people below to make sure I am clear:

1. I have no problem with people taking the same list. I personally disagree that the tank list that won was the best in the tournament. The judge that judged it obviously disagrees. I believe this highlights an issue. I had no idea what theme was being judged on. We brought a team that we thought was really cool. They were fairly balanced lists, had a really nice display board, had a story written up and when Phil Kelly was walking around the room he stopped and talked to my team for about 15 minutes (I didn't even know who he was when he stoped by). Now I didn't shadow him all weekend but I didn't see him stop at too many other armies so I have got to think that we did something right. What I assume is we did the wrong things right. We just missed what the theme judging was about. Or we hit a judge that did not like our premise. I can understand that. If the tank army had entered one of my events they probably would have gotten a much lower score becuase they violate things that I look for. That is often the way of tournaments. I would like a check sheet for at least 80% of the points in painting and theme that allows each team to know where they are at. Each judge should talk to each team directly about that check sheet. The last 20% are judges discretion. I believe that would balance the judging a bit more.

Composition - My composition comment referred to the championship. There are only 5 points towards comp on that sheet not 12. 7 of them were sportsmanship scores. I know that is how some people see tournaments. I don't. It's a personal choice. I am not sure where the runners of Adepticon stand. I would recomend upping the composition score value and subdividing it a bit. Again 40 + battle points were available per turn and a composition score of 5 is not going to discourage bad composition. I really do not know the answer to this one, since I struggle with it myself. I will say that I would hope that a list like the winners could not win overall. Best general, sure, but overall, I would hope not.

Again a sincere thanks to the Adepticon team. Your effort was truly appreciated and overall I had a good time. Next year I will check in when I get there and see what I can do to help you out.
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Postby Matthias » Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:00 am

I am in agreement Ed.

There are some great comments/ideas in this thread and it will be archived for future reference, but at this point the topic is getting too personal and is too focused on the individual score instead of the process as a whole.

Comments are being digested and when the topic of 2009 rolls around all of these will be discussed at length.

Much of this will be brought back to the forums when a direction is determined in order to refine the process and keep the ideas/comments flowing.

Please feel free to start a new thread and let's try to keep it focused.
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