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Re: Bunker Closing

Postby RichN » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:17 pm

That's also the site of the Farmer's Market every Saturday morning during the summer.

Personally, I'd skip the new GW and go down the block to Fair Game at 5147 Main St. Downers Grove, IL. They mostly stock board games, but they do have a bit of Warmachine, Vallejo and Reaper in stock.
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Re: Bunker Closing

Postby Paulson » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:32 pm

One thing to note Fair Games doesn't carry any 40k.

The staff there is mostly guys that originally worked at Brain Snacks which was driven out of business back when the Bunker first opened up and stole their customer base. Brain Snacks had been an GW independent for almost 12 years before GW decided to nuke their customer base by opening the bunker across town. They understandably hold a lot of resentment towards GW and refuse to stock any GW product or have it played in store.

They have Warmachine, Hordes, and X wing but not much else miniatures related. You can always custom order stuff through them but in store they focus primarily on board and card games.

I've known most of them for years and I think their store is great, it has a very upscale look and it's well maintained.
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