DGS Games Urdaggar Tribes of Valor Kick Starter

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DGS Games Urdaggar Tribes of Valor Kick Starter

Postby Thogrid » Fri Sep 07, 2012 4:28 am

DGS is a new, small starter company based in the Kansas City area. You may have seen their booth/display games at AdeptiCon X last April.

Their first Kick Starter project, which closes on 16 Sep, is designed to launch a new Freeband for their game called Freeblades:


I have some of their figures and have played the game. Both are fantastic! Check it out!

From their bio page on KS:

DGS Games key to success is the fact that the entire basis of the company is "gamers", not only are the products for gamers, but the entire company lives and breathes gaming. Additionally, we have a wide array of successful business experience and other practical disciplines in our team. Our motto is "WHERE GAMERS RULE!"

As a group we've known each other for over 12 years. We've been engaged together in gaming efforts from owning companies, designing products, being members in various national and regional gaming societies and clubs, playtesting for companies, running tournaments, working at conventions, teaching and demonstrating game systems, etc.

DGS Games is presently successfully selling our first set of products. Freeblades - a tabletop fantasy skirmish game; and a beautiful and unique range of 32mm miniatures. Freeblades and our miniatures come to life in our own universe - The World of Faelon. Check out our website, sign up for our forum, read industry news and commentary about us and more at http://www.dgsgames.com.
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