Fighting in Jungles

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Fighting in Jungles

Postby Spectrar Ghost » Sat Oct 06, 2012 6:34 pm

First Draft:

Creating a Jungle Table

Dense Terrain
All the table that is not covered in other terrain (except hills) counts as woods, while 'Woods' count as 'Jungle' (see below). All built up or clear areas need to be mounted on bases to distinguish them from the surrounding woods.

This represents really dense and/or steeply ridged terrain that halves infantry, walker and mounted movement, and is impassable to vehicles without Walker. It is also Dangerous Terrain to Vehicles and War Engines. It provides a 4+ cover save to infantry and a 5+ cover save to vehicles, and restricts visibility to 5 cm.

Most jungles have natural or artificial clearings at intervals. They may be from landslides, fires, explosions, or development like settlements, agriculture, logging, or mining. As the most easily defensible locations in jungles due to their open fire lanes, they often form pivotal objectives that must be taken. They also tend to have tracks between them ranging from game trails to logging roads to paved highways.

When playing the GT scenario on a jungle table, after all other terrain has been set up but before Objectives are placed, players take turns placing clearings. Clearings may or may not have settlements or other buildings in them. They should be 15-30cm across like any other terrain feature. Each player must place their first clearing in contact with their table edge, and other clearings must not be less than 30cm from another clearing. There may be no less than three clearings on each player's half of the table.

Once both players are satisfied with the setup (i.e. both players have 'passed' on their turn) or when no more clearings may be placed, roads are placed between clearings. All clearings must be connected to each other, but other than this there are no restrictions on placement - players may place by consensus or in turns.

When all clearings and roads are placed players take turns placing objectives. This occurs as normal except objectives may ONLY be placed in clearings.

Skimmers on Jungle Tables
Skimmers are ideal for crossing the dense terrain of jungles. When playing on a jungle table Skimmers may pop-up and remain popped up until you declare otherwise. This allows them to cross broad expanses of jungle by flying high over the canopy.

Dozer Blades
Any vehicle may take a Dozer Blade for +3pt. This grants the Walker ability.


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