And there be Necrons

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And there be Necrons

Postby Shaggrudd Dethblasta » Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:16 pm

We had another great night of Epic with no less than 10 players and three great games going on (I actually sat out being burdened with crutches). What is really cool is the amount of new players we are seeing being introduced to Epic like tonight. One player was able to field his new IG army tonight. Granted, we didn't have as many players this time as last time, but I was expecting that so close to the holidays.

What was a real treat was Jerimy brought in his new Necron army. He has monoliths on the way as well as some other units. We were talking about how deadly they will be once he has the monoliths available with their portal ability. I see the Necrons being a very tough army to fight against.

Again, it is exciting to see the group grow and expand beyond my wildest dreams. That is why I invite everyone to come out and try a game of Epic. I like to use an analogy that paints a pretty good picture for people. If you imagine the 40k universe as a movie like Star Wars, 40k which is a fun game to play, is the movie trailer, Epic is the actual movie. 40k is fun, but it always hints at things you can't do with 40k. Epic is a game that you can do those things and more. That's why I encourage everyone to come out and try Epic.

The next time we meet will be January 7. We agreed that New Year's Eve would not be good. Until then, happy holidays and have a happy new year! [/url]
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Postby Lordgoober » Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:47 am

And this actually gives me the perfect chance to segue into a request I need to make for that first meeting of the new year IF I get there (I have Gall Bladder removal surgery scheduled for January 4.) I've been chatting with a guy on IRC who is coming to Adepticon, doesn't play Epic that much and isn't too familiar with the rules. He has a somewhat sizable Tyranid force that is still in blister and on sprue from what I understand. He is interested in playing in the Friday Night Epic and is asking which Tyranid list is going to be legal for it. I've pointed him towards the version 9.2.1 off of Tactical Command. What I need is to have a few games played with that list and was wondering if anyone from the epic group would be willing to proxy nids for a couple games so we here in Chicagoland could see what they do.

Of course I'm going to need to talk to Hank on Sunday on whether I need to be an absolute paint nazi for that event (meaning that armies have to be fully painted) because there's no way this guy will be able to get the bugs done in time since he has no clue on what exactly he's going to need to build anyway.
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