Blood Bowl Leagues starting up!

The 10-yard fight with Orks!

Blood Bowl Leagues starting up!

Postby Tyranid-Bugs » Mon Jul 16, 2012 8:23 pm

Blood Bowl Fans... Got the balls to play in a league?
Two leagues are going to be starting up very soon - being played on Wed nights at the GW Battle Bunker.

OWFuL (Old World Football League) will be starting a scheduled league starting on August 1st.

POW will be starting up shortly after that. These are scheduled leagues, not challenge based, so a commitment will be necessary to join.

Please PM me here or email me at and I can give you information about the leagues. Also, I will be at the Bunker the next two Wed nights if you have any questions on them - just ask for Dean by the people playing BloodBowl.
Thanks. 8)
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