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Stronghold rules on cover saves

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 11:36 am
by moonshadow13
I have been wrapping my head around this for awhile as I am looking at the new rules for the fortifications and the different variants in the stronghold book. 1 such rule is the cover save offered by a Aegis Defense line when using larger models. Now Chaos has forge fiends and defilers that are larger walker units and Daemons have the Soul Grinder, Tau have the riptide , etc. The rule states that models seeking cover behind a Aegis defense line get a 4+ cover. My goal is to have a clear understanding that the lower part of the walker is blocked and it can be borderline 25% line of sight or a little better or worse at times. So as to never have to argue just how much it actually is as people have special modeling done to their bases, does the rule apply that as long as your model is seeking cover behind the wall you get the 4+ automatically as long as your within the 2" distance of the wall to qualify from all incoming fire that does not ignore cover? I do admit these 7th edition rules are a little more blunt, but my interpretation can still be different than someone else's. My ultimate goal is to speed up my game play and not have to fiddle over grey line rules and keep it moving along so as always input is appreciated.

Re: Stronghold rules on cover saves

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 1:05 pm
by seahawk
The only rules to follow are on page 77 of the BRB; they have eliminated any notion of 2" from walls and such.

TLoS is TLoS; what you see is what you get! So, for those raised models that aren't 25% obscured, they won't get cover. For those that are lowered and are 25% obscured, they'll get cover. Remember too, that it's based on the viewpoint of the firer, so an Aegis that is higher up than the shooter will likely give more cover saves, while one that is lower than the shooter will likely give fewer cover saves.

When it's borderline and you can't decide, dice for it and battle on.

Re: Stronghold rules on cover saves

PostPosted: Thu Aug 07, 2014 2:36 pm
by moonshadow13
I did note that and thanks. I guess having a riptide down on 1 knee in a shooting pose or the crouching forge fiend in hull down pose will help, but then that kind of cut and resetting customization might start issues too :). I came up with some ideas to customize posing for better paint judging scores to make them look unique and give them a leaning into a shooting pose. I will just have to see what the judges think as I can get a 40% cover with a forge fiend hull down looking through a wall slot with their back arched to put the guns up over the wall.

Thanks again for the input. true LOS is going to keep things interesting and up for interpretation on both sides of the fence.