Laser Lance Question

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Laser Lance Question

Postby Timber » Mon Aug 20, 2012 11:56 pm

The rule for Laser Lance, from the Eldar Codex (p.37), states:

"On any turn in which they initiate an assault, models armed with laser lances count as having Strength 6 power weapons."

How does this apply in subsequent turns? The way Fred and I played it recently is that on subsequent turns those models had power weapons at their normal strength (S3). Is this correct, or are those models just working off their normal strength without power weapons in subsequent turns?

I checked the GW 6th Ed. FAQ/Errata and it's not in there, ditto for the INAT FAQ (which has yet to be updated to 6th, but the question seems germane to either 5th or 6th).
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