A toolz point of view...

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A toolz point of view...

Postby theblklotus » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:05 pm

Dokz Toolz that is!

After reading several comments and threads it is time for me to toss in some 2 cents... why? Because I can I suppose. :)

Me and my fellow team mates, Dokz Toolz, began working towards playing in this year's adepticon almost immediately after playing in the previous years team tourney... Aside from one member going to jail and the other joining another team (We were 2 players short, but that was only a hicup right?).

We played orks last year (team J2D2 for those who care), and for some god aweful reason we thought it would be fun to grind out another 4 games with orks this year (like running uphill in skates dragging a body). ORKS ARE DONE FOR US, horde armies take way too much work to roll and physically manuver.

Anyhow, we were totally psyched never the less!

... Even though each and every game was a struggle... That is how orks roll... PERIOD, we had the best time running away, whaaging and comeing back for more. Orks never tear anyone up on turn one, but you know what they can do? Have a bad ass looking warboss, run a heard of tooled up nobs... rip up rhino's and use them as trukks... they can drag a Leman russ back to the shop, replace the plugs, splash it red and roll out shooting! We gave our opponents not only a game... they had something they have never seen to look at as well!

For all our efforts...
We finished DEAD MIDDLE of the team tourney! #45. We could not be happier. Running that army against the Zilla Nids was like making a paper airplane out of rocks and trying to make it fly. We tried to make that sucker fly! It did not fly.

As a team we had a great time. We did not win, nor did we think we would. We met a bunch of people that also dig plastic soldier games and had a kick ass time.

I played in the individual 40k championships the next morning... Lord that's alot of gaming. I again finished right in the middle. I have no illusions of my 40k skill... Again, I could not be happier to have held my own with all those gnarley lists. And... again I met some really awesome guys that played well, but were still able to make me feel really welcome across the table. I would love to play people like this all the time.

I took something pretty critical home from all this.

Coming back into town, I was thinking what was the difference between playing here and there. It was clear to me with this one example:

During one of the games I got shelled by a barbed strangler... As I was playing about 40 eldar guardians and have that template splash me was not good I took it in stride. I simply took the template, placed it on top of about 4 full models and 4 partials... I nodded and said 6 fulls and 2 partials... After rolling covers and stuff I lost 4 guys... I gave the "sad face" for my poor guys got the boom stick in the face but whatever.

My point is... At my local hobby shop, as a whole, when a template weapon is hit, they make damn sure of what is in, and partial and maybe sorta partial... ARGH.

I think the philosophy is, "If you dont win, you are stupid"... Not only are they smarter, they are better as a person. Its like on a whole different level/style of playing. In fact, in comparison to what I experienced this weekend... It sucks!

I returned home on Sunday night and was up at the shop on monday night running the local 40k campaign.

I played two games. I decided to play them like I was in Chicago still and did not know my opponent and wanted them to be having fun instead of looking for shady play and watching for them trying to take that extra inch and cover those extra few models illegally.

I won the first and lost the second.

Most importantly, the games were fun!

See you all next year!

Here is some pics from the good times:

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Postby muwhe » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:27 pm

Ok .. you win ..

Loss of teammate to jailtime . .

I can not beat that ..

Seriously spot on .. it was good to see you guys again!
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Postby theblklotus » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:37 pm

The best part is... he is pending jail time right now for stealing about $10,000 worth of product and cash from the GW he worked at!!!!! Those be ill gotten orks he used! What an ass.

God bless america.

Same here... nice to put faces to their remarks if only to wish for them illnesses at times. LOL
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Postby Matthias » Wed Apr 04, 2007 5:48 pm

Perhaps he mastermineded the Battle Wagon heist of 2002 also!
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Postby theblklotus » Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:06 pm

he was not that clever.
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