Thanks to Damien Garcia

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Thanks to Damien Garcia

Postby PPCLI » Wed Apr 04, 2007 9:16 am

I attended the "Army Painting; The Big Brush Method" class that Damien Garcia taught and it was great. 10 figs in 2 hours is a great way for me to finish some army projects that have been on my table for years. I painted 6 figs to completion while watching the NCAA championship and they look better than my existing army, Ultramarine, and that army has won some best appearance awards. Now I may need to redo everything. Again it was a great class all about getting great looking armies on the table fast so you can play. I hope that he returns next year.

My thanks to the Adepticon Council for putting on some great seminars. While Adepticon is mostly about battles the opportunity to learn more hobby skills should not be under valued.

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