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Postby ChrisTabor » Wed May 02, 2007 10:19 pm

First this game is supposed to be fun and yet competative. We wanted a mechanized army and based our decisions on that. Adepticon did, has not, and probably never allow armored company at the team tourney. What you faced was Mechanized Imperial Guard.

I'm confused... are you upset with the FW Trojan, number of vehicles (our parking lot), and/or our army comp? As someone else mentioned earlier just want to know how to make the game more enjoyable for my/our future opponents.

The FW Trojan is a 45 pt armor 10 vehicle with a hull mounted heavy bolter that can be taken as a troop choice. Repair/recovery vehicles seemed fitting for Mechanized guard. Dispite the use of Trojans we had a total of 6 troops slots for 31% of our 4000 points.

That being said I still would have prefered another 525 point mechanized platoon in place of some HQ squads and Hellhound to make 44% troops and 7 troop slots. If I had my way would that have been more satisfactory? Would you rather we took Sentinels in place of the Trojans?Yes that would mean only 4 troop slots of platoons, but 53% troops. Keep in mind either or both of these would still be 28 vehicles in 4000 points.

I am also not opposed to putting back the 2+ troops per 1000 pts and giving both judges and opponents a chance to evaluate comp... probably leading to comp being a higher % of overall points and toning back the competativeness.
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Postby Inquisitor_Malice » Thu May 03, 2007 9:35 am

Chris - I would not worry about your army selection. Your selection was totally fine. Any complaining about the trojan and cyclops units is not warranted.

As you stated, your team found a balance between theme and competitiveness. Beyond, that you have to be good to be lucky and lucky to be good. It sounds like you had a fair combination of both, which no one should hold against your team.

Overall, 2007 was yours. Congratulations on the win.
- Greg
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Postby Wild_Bill » Thu May 03, 2007 12:20 pm

Chris, don't worry about it. It's been this way since the first Adepticon and will continue to be so. Whomever wins the Team Tournament will undergo a bitchfest from those that didn't win. Sometimes it's justified, sometimes it's not. In the end it doesn't matter because it's going to continue regardless.

Just be happy you didn't stick underwear on a pole :D
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