So after all your gaming group is sold! ;)

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So after all your gaming group is sold! ;)

Postby AgeOfEgos » Mon Apr 16, 2007 6:15 pm

Next year we'll all be making the trip. Some questions for some of the vets/organisers (Although I know this is very early considering it's a year away...but hey we plan!)

1. Will there still be a team tournament? (4x4 w/ theme table?). Basically, is this a mainstay...or something you guys tried once and won't do again? This is the entire reason we're going is the reason I ask (Not to mention we are already planning our table)

2. FW items...was there too much moaning...or good chance they'll be in again? Personally, I think it's terrific you guys allow FW items. In fact, I think you should allow more (Such as certain flyers). I think spending a few hours going through the FW items and deciding on a case by case basis would be better then banning all FW items/flyers/whatever.

3. Do you have it the same date (At least within a 2 week time period) every year?

4. Entrance fee based on tournaments you enter...or one multipass...or? Sorry if there is somewhere obvious on the site, I didn't spot it.

Thanks for any information...and although it's a year away looking forward to coming up and spending some money on beer/toys!
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Postby Tread_Head » Mon Apr 16, 2007 7:40 pm

1. The Team Tourny is AdeptiCon. So no worrys it will be back.

2. I don't see them getting rid of it. You think you here moaning now, try
taken the toys away and you will here the crying.(Also you can use any
FW in the Galdiator inculding super heavy and flyers)

3. Around. late March early Apirl. Just keep eyes open on website

4. You buy and event badge to get in AdeptiCon and buy in to any tourny
or event you wish be in.
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