AdeptiCon 2007 - Another Year, Another Success!

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AdeptiCon 2007 - Another Year, Another Success!

Postby Centurian99 » Wed Apr 11, 2007 10:34 pm

AdeptiCon 2007 - Another Year, Another Success!

AdeptiCon 2007 has come and gone, and over 700 Games Workshop hobbyists from across the world participated in this phenomenal event. Not only were total attendance numbers up from previous years, but all events saw increased participation, including the Warhammer 40K National Team Tournament, the largest Games Workshop tournament in the world with 356 players competing. If you missed out...well, there's always next year.

And the 2007 Winners Are...
Here is the full slate of winners from AdeptiCon 2007 –
  • Checkmate Hobbies - 40K National Team Tournament Champions
  • Troy Clifton - 40K Gladiator Champion
  • Mike Mutscheller - Best Overall, 40K Championships
  • Hod Sheikhnia - 40K Codicier Champion
  • The East Lustria Company - Warhammer Fantasy Team Tournament Champions
  • Jordan Braun - Best Overall, Fantasy Championships
  • Bruce Chirrey - Best Overall, Fantasy Escalation
  • Alex Gonzalez - Fantasy Loremaster Champion
  • CAGO 2 - Lord of the Rings Team Tournament Champions
  • Shane McRoberts - Best Overall, Battlefleet Gothic Championships
  • Bennett Blalock Doane - AdeptiCon 2007 Rogue Demon Best of Show
  • Cathy Wappel - Master Class Best of Show
  • Johnny Hastings - Rogue Demon Best Single Miniature
  • Bennett Blalock Doane - Rogue Demon Best Squad or Regiment
  • Bennett Blalock Doane - Rogue Demon Best Vehicle/Large Monster
  • Mark Maxey - Rogue Demon Best Open Entry
  • Tony Grippando - Rogue Demon Best Youngblood Entry
Scenario Downloads Available!
Want to share a part of the challenge of AdeptiCon with those who couldn’t attend? Download the scenarios used in all of our tournaments from the AdeptiCon website at:

For Gamers, By Gamers
Our motto, "For Gamers, By Gamers" is more than just words. AdeptiCon is organized and run by a staff of dedicated volunteers, each of us hobbyists and gamers ourselves. We extend an invitation for enthusiastic hobbyists to join us in making future AdeptiCon’s happen. We are looking for volunteers in the following departments:
  • Operations – Help with setup, registration, teardown, and various technical needs.
  • 40K Events and Tournaments – Rules judges, painting/theme judges, and running demos or other non-competitive events.
  • Fantasy Events and Tournaments – Rules judges, painting/theme judges, and running demos or other non-competitive events.
  • Specialist Games Events and Tournaments – Rules judges, painting/theme judges, and running demos or other non-competitive events.
  • Hobby Seminars – Teach a seminar on almost any hobby-related topic!
  • *Terrain – Help build AdeptiCon’s renown terrain (Chicago-area residency required)
  • *Web and Software Development – Help maintain the AdeptiCon website and other programming-related needs.
  • *Sponsor Relations – Contact, sign-up, and maintain relationships with the sponsors who donate our phenomenal prize support.
  • *Marketing – Help get the word out about AdeptiCon by distributing our web chatter and other news releases.

Note: Departments marked with a “*” perform the majority of their work before AdeptiCon. All other departments do the most or all of their work during the AdeptiCon weekend itself.

Please note that with one exception (Terrain), Chicago-area residency is NOT required, so if you want to help make AdeptiCon even greater, you can, no matter where you live!

E-mail today with your name, contact information, and any applicable skills or experiences. A member of the AdeptiCon Council will get in touch with you before planning for AdeptiCon 2008 begins in earnest this summer. Join the AdeptiCon team today!

On the Horizon: The AdeptiCon 2007 Retrospective
The AdeptiCon 2007 Retrospective will coming out in the next few months, after we catalog all of the pictures from this year, so stay tuned for full coverage of AdeptiCon 2007, including army featurettes, the full listing of award winners, and much more.
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