Adepticon report from Hammer and Brush

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Adepticon report from Hammer and Brush

Postby hammerandbrush » Tue Apr 10, 2007 3:12 pm

Well its been a few days now and we figured it was time to give our two cents on the con. First let us say thank you to the wonderful volunteers from Adeptus Windy City who helped put together the whole thing and all their hard work it was most appreciated. Especially their patience in putting up with first time sponsors such as ourselves!

On Friday we spent the day walking the con areas talking with gamers and sponsors and meeting lots of new faces. A particular honor was getting to spend some time chatting with Jervis Johnson, who was kind enough to drop by our tables over the next two days and check out our displayed miniatures. We hope he had a good trip and enjoyed Chicago's hospitality!

On Saturday we were able to get our first table, which we filled with all the painted minis we had could fit on it.

Saturday also saw the 40k Team Tournament in the main hall we were stationed just outside of. To say it was crowded would be a bit of an understatement.

The guys from Blue Table Painting came in all the way from Utah and set up three tables of whole armies for display and sale. Saturday night we shared some Chicago deep dish pizza from Giordano's with them as we manned our tables. Only fitting to share some of the best Chicago has to offer with these guys on their first trip to our town!

On Sunday the guys from Battlewagon Bits were involved in tournaments and were gracious enough to let us use their table.

So we made good use of it to display some of the terrain we can make as well as more minis.

By this point Brian and I were on our second day of 12 hour shifts and he was acting silly, but can you blame him?

We had a blast getting to meet so many fellow gamers and we look forward to helping sponsor the next Adepticon and hopefully getting to participate in some of the games!
Dan from Hammer and Brush

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